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The Top 5 Qualities Of a Split System Air Conditioner Repair Expert

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As a split system air conditioner repair expert with more than 30 years in the industry, I have learned on what it takes to be good in this profession through the hard way. In my career journey, I have made several mistakes that has enable me to improve my experience as well as skills remarkably. Here are some of the top 5 qualities of a split system air conditioner repair expert that you should know if you want to start a career in this profession:

  1. Must have context, context & some more context

By understanding the context of your customer’s business, you will be able to offer appropriate advice that is more based on your comprehensive understanding. In addition, it is an important cornerstone of a good split system air conditioner repair expert for effective guidance and advice. A customer will ask you questions that will tell on whether you understand the dynamics of the business in terms of repairs before deciding. Through the process, the split system air conditioner repair expert will offer customized services that would improve the operations of your company remarkably by giving repairs.

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  1. Have ability to have design thinking

Any good split system air conditioner repair expert should be able to design thinking beyond the problem solving approach as well as seeing the world in all sides. This means that you will be able to develop strategies that would exploit these potential threats all over the world. In addition, being realistic is crucial especially for those who will be looking for the best solutions for their businesses by offering the best repair services.

  1. Have Organizational change management skills

A good split system air conditioning repair expert should have a wide professional network to assist your business through repair services. Why is this important? Every expert is about some sort of organizational change. The expert MUST understand that change well before being able to guide a person on the best repair services to follow for success. Whether it is about introducing new ideas that would provide the best repair services especially for those who need the best. This is coming up with repair services to help the company grow or home comfortable, it should satisfy the customer first.

  1. Must have professional independence 

There is nothing hurting in this career than a certified expert being bias, independent or doing a shoddy job. The quality of professionalism is important in this career especially for those who need to improve their career growth remarkably as a split system air conditioner repair expert.

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  1. Must have high level of topic expertise

A good expert on the services he or she is offering. For instance, if this is an expert work about roofing services, the expert must ensure that he/she provides excellent work for the customers. This will enable them enjoy massive reputation especially when offering services for the customers.

In conclusion, any good split system air conditioner repair expert must learn these skills if they want to provide solutions that would enable growth of your company from one level to another thus achieving business goals.

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5 Tips On How To Avoid Emergency Heater Repair Service

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It is not enough to take comfort in the fact that that you have heater repair services professional near you and available on call. Be concerned by both the cost implications the heating system breakdowns and ensuing repairs have on your budget as well as the discomfort your family and tenants have to endure during the system’s downtime. In light of these factors, you should explore every option that necessitates the repair services at bay. And did you know there are inexpensive things you can do to avoid such breakdowns, even on the coldest days? Here are a few:

  1. Keep tabs on your thermostat

Did you know that most HVAC system problems aren’t caused by the furnace or the heat pump? They are due to the thermostat. So, how often do you change your thermostat settings? If you change it too often, you are forcing the system always to work harder as it tries to adjust the temperatures thereby wearing it out faster and hence the cause of infrequent breakdowns. If you are to avoid heater repair services, identify and set the thermostat to the optimal temperatures that you can live with throughout the day.

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  1. Stick to the annual thorough HVAC servicing and repairs

Most heating system manufacturers recommend an annual comprehensive system check meant to not only correct the current system problems but also identify other unidentified problems. Therefore, you don’t have to wait for the system to break down to call in for the often expensive heating repair services. Schedule regular maintenance checks for your seemingly healthy system. You will be surprised to note the undetected defects it may be harboring waiting to explode.

  1. Replace old heating systems

If your home or business is heavily reliant on the heating and cooling system, it means you need a system that’s not just optimal but one without unnecessary downtimes. In such a case, it pays to replace your old heating system with a new one. But how can you tell when to replace an old system? While every brand has its estimated product useful life, which often ranges from 10 to 15 years. It is recommended that you replace a heating system every ten years or when its repair costs outweigh that of its replacement.

  1. Quality part replacements

Understandably, you would like to push the repair costs as low as possible. But this shouldn’t be at the expense of quality part replacements. When shopping for replacement parts for your system, understand that price as a consideration factor only comes after the satisfaction of quality. Otherwise, you will always be on the hunt for the inexpensive parts that keep breaking down, thereby making the repairs more expensive in the long run.

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  1. Proper system maintenance

It is amazing how following simple manufacturer recommended system tips goes a long way in avoiding heating services for your HVAC. For instance, you are advised to ensure the heating vents aren’t blocked by the furniture, regularly vacuum vent faces to remove dust and free up the areas around the outdoor central air-conditioning unit. Such simple gestures not only ensure the system operates at maximum efficiency but also help keep the heater repair services at bay.

You are responsible for the performance of your heating system. Therefore, the fact that most of its failures are due to improper maintenance; you are the only one to blame for any costs and discomfort arising from heating system defects resulting from poor maintenance. This also means that you have control over the need for heater repair services for your HVAC system.


Common HVAC Repair Problems

According to a particular study, more than half of the total energy used in any home goes to cooling and heating. This implies that you must always make concrete decisions regarding your ventilating and air conditioning system. Air conditioners usually work at their best peak with an adequate supporting cast, including sufficient insulation, a duct work that is well-sealed and a properly programmed thermostat. When any of these is compromised, then you are likely to experience a whole load of problems with your HVAC.

So today in this post we want to discuss some few common air conditioning repair problems that you will often experience in your home.

Your air conditioner makes strange noises

Screening sounds which come from the blower are an indication that either you have a broken belt or a motor bearing issues to deal with. In some instances, sufficiently lubricating the oil port will solve this particular problem.

HVAC repair issue

A clicking sound produced when either turning your HVAC on or off signifies a relay problem. On the other hand, rattling noises which occurs when the fan turns the compressor on can either be as a result of loose hardware or a failing motor. You’ll have to contact your local HVAC technician for assistance.

Water is coming from the HVAC

You will have to examine the PVP pipe exiting your HVAC unit as well as the condensate line and see whether they are clogged. If there is water, follow the instructions from your manufacturer and flush it out by using compressed air. Refrigerating leaking from your drain line will make the home feel warm but will cause the build-up of ice over the coils. It is worth noting that air flow issues can equally be as a result of frozen coils. If any component of your air conditioner is frozen, just turn it off and give it time to defrost on its own.

The outside fan is not functioning properly

The outside fan typically conveys the heat from your house to the outside air. So if this outdoor fan is not working properly, adequate transfer of heat will not be achieved, and this implies that the compressor of your HVAC might overheat, tripping the safety overload in the process. Again, it may cause internal damage to your compressor.

HVAC problem

Your air conditioner cools air unevenly

As a result of poor insulation, leaks in the duct work or even blocked registers or vents; temperature fluctuations can occur. You should ensure that all the vents in your home are open, clean and free from obstruction. Usually, south-facing windows seem hotter than other rooms. In this scenario, you can install blackout curtains over such windows during the hotter times of the day. Also, you can opt to install separate zoning systems which will allow you to regulate the temperature in specific areas in your house.

Your air conditioner works but, the air is not cold enough

There are cases when your house might feel incredibly warm even when your HVAC is running. You must ensure that the thermostat has the correct setting. Also, if you haven’t replaced the air filter in a few months, it would be an excellent idea to do so. If you set your thermostat correctly, but you can’t see any difference, you’ll have to invest in a new one.

Always inspect the area around your home and ensure that is free from either vegetation or debris. Keep tall plants and bushes at least two feet away from your HVAC unit.

These are just a few examples of air conditioning problems in Melbourne. As always, without relevant knowledge on how to repair a malfunctioning air conditioner, call your local technician for assistance.

6 Heating System Troubleshooting Tips You Should Know

No one wants to reach a cold home in cold weather but this is pretty much what will happen if your heating system breaks down! This is why it’s better to have your heating system seasonally checked by professionals of heating repair Hobart, especially just before the cold season. In addition to this, knowing these heating systems troubleshooting tips can help you nip any problem in the bud.

These are the things you need to do if you find your heating system not working:

  1. First, check its thermostat. Don’t think this is so easy as there are so many types of manual and electronic thermostats around making the simple act of increasing the heat so difficult! Read your manual and make sure you do things right as you don’t want to cause more problems by doing the wrong thing! Your heating system may not work most of the time because the thermometer was set too low, or because the timer was incorrectly set.

  1. Though there are so many types of heating systems ranging from forced hot air to ambient heat systems, and systems using different fuels like electricity or gas or oil, they all rely somewhere on some electrical charge. It may be to switch on a fan, a switch or to provide the system’s heat. Whatever it is, a tripped fuse may be the culprit, which is better examined by an electrician.
  2. Check your heating system’s air filters as they should be clean and properly sized for your system. This is essential as your system may not work properly or shut down because of very dirty filters. This shutdown feature is actually a safety feature of heating systems to prevent it from working too hard and leading to unnecessary wear and tear.
  3. If your room which was once warm suddenly seems cold, then it may be due to a leak. Treating holes in a forced air system is relatively easy as holes or patches in the ductwork leak out hot air which can be resolved by sealing and insulating the ducts. However, leaks can get bad if you have a gas or oil heating system which is why you need to call the gas heater repair company immediately if you notice some unusual smells or odours.
  4. As most electronic and digital thermostat use AA batteries, the simple act of changing dead batteries can sometimes solve the problem! While the electronic thermostats do have ‘low battery’ indicators, there is a chance of your thermostat giving wrong temperature readings and not turning on even before the indicator switches on.
  5. You can also try checking all the vents and inline switches as a few switches may have turned on or off in emergencies or when there’s trouble. Some systems also have separate room controls which are switched off in warmer seasons and you may have forgotten to switch them back on when the cold weather sets in.

While these 6 heating system troubleshooting tips can help you resolve minor problems, it’s always better to play safe with heating systems. If you have any doubt about the system’s working efficiency, call the heating repair to take a look at it!

The Importance of Heating System Flush Maintenance

One thing that irks most homeowners is having to deal with a damaged HVAC system smack in the middle of winter. Often, the signs start showing earlier on that your heating system needs maintenance. Most homeowners disregard them or choose to attend to them when it is too late.
One of the ways of making sure that your HVAC system is operating at an optimal rate is by running a heating system flush regularly.

Why You Need a Heating System Flush

With regular use, sediments accumulate within your heating system and boiler. The result is the diminished performance of your heating system. One way to restore your heater’s optimal performance or maintain it is to conduct a heating system flush.
Sludge or residue occurs when air finds its way in the heating system, which results in the production of iron residue formation within the radiator as well as other parts of the unit. As the sludge level increases, it obstructs normal function of the heating unit.
Whether your system is new or not, it is important to perform a heating system flush. When installed, new boilers or radiators or their parts may result in the formation of sludge/residue build-up.
Including corrosion inhibitors would help in minimising on build up, but a heating system flush will equally do the job.

How is a Heating System Flush Performed?

A heating system flush is done by fastening a magnet filter and Flush Tool into the pipe work of the heating unit.
The only parts that are taken off are the radiator and heat pump. Throughout the complete flush, no other part of the system will be detached.
The Flush Tool forces water to the filters, radiators, pipe work, and coils, and this gathers all iron sludge residue that is then flushed out. A corrosion remover is added, and often it is phosphoric acid. The boiler is switched on, and infrared thermometers are used to find cold locations.
Corrosion is then removed from all regions where cold readings have been identified. pH and TDS Meters are used to examine the water dispelled from the system until it is completely clean.
Once the flushing is complete, the heating system is restored to its working condition.

The Benefits of performing a Heating System Flush

As discerned, the primary aim of performing a heating system flush would be to remove contaminants from your boiler and heating system.
Some of the other benefits of performing a heating system flush include:

  • Improvement in the life of the water pump, with sediments and other contaminants, flushed out from the water.
  • Contaminated water eliminated from the system and ultimately reducing chances of system corrosion.
  • Removal of cooler patches leads to improvement of the system’s heating ability.
  • A heating system flush also helps to reduce on gas gathering, which in turn leads to the reduction of internal corrosion.
  • The overall system performs optimally and in the long run, reduces on gas expenses.
  • Efficient warming of your home or office leading to lower energy expenditure.

As you can see, it is crucial to schedule a heating system flush to make sure that your unit is working as it should.

Heating System Maintenance – Prepare For the Coming Winter

Is your home winter ready? Well, don’t worry because we have a breakdown of the heating system maintenance you should undertake to get your home winter ready.

Heating System Maintenance Checklist

Servicing your heating system is crucial in making sure that you have an optimally functioning unit come winter. It doesn’t take much to perform some of the heating system maintenance tasks, but it is sensible to contract a professional to maintain your HVAC unit regularly.

Here are some of the common heating system maintenance tasks that you can do to keep your unit winter ready.

  1. Clean and Change the Filters

In as many times as you have heard it, it is important to reiterate that cleaning and change your HVAC unit’s filters. The filters are akin to the chain that links up all parts of the heating system and keeps them functioning as required.

HVAC units are prone to getting clogged up with debris, dirt, and dust. The result is inefficiency in how the heating system works and this in turn results in higher energy usage.

Therefore, your HVAC filters should be amongst the parts that are regularly serviced to keep your heater running as expected.

  1. Examine the Ducts and Vents

HVAC ducts play a critical role in ensuring that the unit is functioning efficiently. Estimates have it that 20 t0 30% of heat is lost due to poorly connected elements as well as holes and leaks present in heating systems.

Regular examination of your HVAC ducts can help identify leaks and holes, which you should then get fixed to restore efficiency.

The vents are prone to blockage caused by dust and other debris. Therefore, regular heating system maintenance should also include cleaning of the vents.

It is good practice to keep the vents unobstructed, particularly in units that have baseboard systems or radiators. Position your heating system away from furniture or other objects that may obstruct the vents.

  1. Check on the Thermostat

Most homeowners are territorial when it comes to operating their thermostats, and rightly so because it helps to control internal temperatures. Beyond that, thermostat settings play a crucial role in preventing your energy costs from shooting up.

It is best to always keep the thermostat setting at room temperature. During the winter when it gets colder, it is important to try and maintain room temperature settings on your heater. Otherwise, your energy cost rises with every temperature setting that is above room temperature.

  1. Get Professional Services

While you can perform most of the discussed heating system maintenance tasks on your own, it pays off to get professional services for regular tune-ups.

A professional will be able to perform the essential maintenance requirements as well as pick up on any problems with your unit on time. Making sure all parts are working as required and problematic parts replaced on time will ensure that your heating system is winter ready.

Heating system maintenance shouldn’t be something that is disregarded because it helps to avoid problems with your HVAC unit down the line. Performing the simple maintenance tasks discussed above will help keep your heating system winter ready.

Find the Best Air Conditioning Services in Sydney

Having handy air conditioning services contacts will save you the agony of finding one during those hot months in Sydney. However, what should you consider when finding an air con service provider? Here are some of the important things to have in mind when hiring the best air conditioning technician.

Get Referrals

Whether it is home, business or mobile car air conditioning services that you need most likely you’ll turn to friends and family for referrals. After all, this is someone that you will have to let into your home, place of business or trust to tinker around your car.

Referrals help to take the guesswork out of it by hiring a professional who has a good working relationship with people you know. Find out all necessary information from the person referring including the process of contracting the technician, their price point, and general work ethics.

Even with referrals, it is wise to do some due diligence to make sure that you find the right technicians for you.

Get Online

The Internet is another great resource when looking for air con technicians as well as carrying out much needed due diligence.

Going online can be a curse in much as it is a blessing because there are thousands upon thousands of air conditioning service listings. However, there are also endless consumer reviews available that can help you narrow down on the perfect service provider.

Most technicians also have websites making it easy to contract them and get quotations for the job at hand.

Get Testimonials

It isn’t enough to settle for an air conditioning service technician, you have to go the extra mile to carry out checks on them and one of the ways to do this is to ask them for references former clients.

Have a chat or call with their former clients to find out how it is to work with them. Beyond that, you can use the readily available social media platforms to ask for experiences working that particular technician. People will always be willing to recommend the services of a good technician and likewise speak up in the case of wanting services.

Play it forward after working with a technician by leaving reviews on their website or consumer review sites.

Get in on Paper

Once you have gone through the necessary processes of contracting an air con professional, the next step is to formally contract them. It is very important to get it all on paper.

Draft up a contractual agreement with the precise cost of service and length of service indicated. There are contractors who might quote a price or say it will take a specific time to complete the job, but for no apparent reason they end up hiking the cost and taking longer than expected.

Having it all laid down in writing means that the contractor has to stick to the agreed upon terms and also gets protection with regards to timely payment from your end.  

In conclusion, finding air conditioning services in Sydney shouldn’t be a stressful process. With referrals, testimonials and consumer reviews to work with you are guaranteed to find the best air con professional you need.

Local air con repairs – Using the right air filter

One of the most common reasons technicians are called for local air con repairs is reduced cooling efficiency. While there are a few reasons for an AC to reduce its cooling effects, a clogged filter is usually the culprit.

It’s okay to clean dirty and clogged filters; but at times, it’s better replacing than washing them. If this is the case, you need to choose the right filter for your air handler as different air conditioning systems use different types of filters.

Air filters are important for the air conditioner as it prevents dust and allergens from re-circulating in the air you breathe so that you and your family remain healthy. Moreover, the right, clean air filter in your AC unit can reduce allergy symptoms and also improve your home comfort. These are the different types of air filters available and its individual benefits.

HEPA filters

HEPA or High-Efficiency Particulate Air filters are available as standalone units or in commercial HVAC systems. While they effectively remove pollen, dust mite residue, bacteria, pet dander and mould from the airflow, they are not good at capturing smoke and other chemical-related fumes.

UV filters

These filters use the help of ultraviolet rays to kill surrounding allergens. While they do help at removing mould, viruses, bacteria and yeast from the environment, you need a HEPA filter for removing particulates like dust and dander.

Ionic filters

These are standalone filters which do not slide into the AC’s air handler like other filters. They are good for reducing the amount of allergens, irritants, second-hand smoke, chemical fumes and viruses in the air. Ionic filters use the help of negative ions to attract and restrict these harmful particulates but are not effective at removing odours.

Carbon filters

Carbon filters use the help of activated charcoal to trap contaminants like smoke and chemical and pet smells but are not that effective at removing bacteria, viruses or particulates. Instead of just using these filters, it’s better using combination carbon filters using other filtration methods of capturing allergens.

Fiberglass filters

Fibreglass filters have fibreglass layers encased in a metal cage. While they do protect the HVAC system’s efficiency, they provide only basic filtration. You need a different filter to remove airborne contaminants.

Pleated air filters

These disposable filters are made of polyester and come in between fibreglass and HEPA filters in terms of efficiency. They effectively filter allergens and particulates in the HVAC systems. Its high-efficiency versions with a high MERV rating are a step better than regular pleated air filters.

Washable filters

Some think they save money buying washable instead of disposable filters. The disadvantage is that cloth fibres cannot capture fine particulates. They are best used in industrial applications for removing larger particulates from the environment.

Importance of air quality in local air con repairs

It’s better to use a combination of standalone and a high-quality HVAC filter for maximum protection of your home from allergens, dust and germ reduction capabilities. If your local air conditioning experts include changing your air filter, it’s better to do so using the help and advice of your AC technician!

The 4 Benefits You Can Get from An Air Conditioning Unit

Most of us will think that air conditioning unit is only there to provide us with the cool air we need most especially during the summer season. However, it is not the only thing we can get from it. Check out the amazing benefits that we can get from an air conditioning unit.

1. Save numerous lives

The heat of the summer season is not something that we can control. It is unpredictable, and there are a lot of times that the warm climate has taken numerous lives. With the help of an air conditioning unit, there are a lot of lives that has been spared despite the fact that the planet is getting warmer each year.

2. Good air quality

Our world is taking various things to a whole new level and with that comes the pollution that is present wherever we go. Even our homes are not exempted with the toxic air but if you have an air conditioning unit, the quality of air becomes good.

3. Fewer insects and parasites

If you have an air conditioning unit at home, the risk of having uninvited fleas and parasites becomes lower. Even your pets will benefit from the air conditioning unit because the parasites can be kept away from them.

4. Getting better sleep

An individual needs to have the right temperature to get a good night rest. If it’s too warm, we will not be able to sleep, or we can wake up in the middle of the night disrupting our much-needed rest. An air conditioning unit can help us maintain the right temperature in our homes.

If you don’t have an air conditioning unit yet, grab one as soon as possible. Don’t lose out on the benefits that you can get from an AC. It is an investment to make things better for all of us.

The 3 Reasons Why You Need a Professional For Your AC Maintenance

Many homeowners opt to do the maintenance of their air conditioning unit on their own. It is not a bad thing most especially if you have an experience in doing so. However, most of us don’t have the luxury to know our way around the air conditioning units. We need to be careful because we can end up breaking it. It is still best if you can let the professionals handle the job. Here are the reasons why it is recommended to get an experienced individual for your air conditioning unit maintenance.

1. Energy Efficiency

We need to remove the notion in our heads that getting the services of a professional to maintain our air conditioning units is just a waste of money. It is the incorrect way to put it because the truth is it can help us save money. If our units are handled by the people, who are considered experts, the life of our units will be longer, and there will be a huge amount of money we can save on our electric bills due to energy efficiency.

2. Air quality improvement

If we get the services of a professional, we can get the assurance that our units are producing good air inside our homes. We should always keep in mind that our family’s health is our priority. It is best for everyone if we can get a good indoor air quality because it can reduce the risk of allergies or even asthma attacks.

3. Minimize repairs

A neglected air conditioning unit can cause more problems. If you have a professional who is checking your units regularly, emergency malfunctions can be avoided. Regular check-ups on your AC are less expensive than hiring someone for repairs, and you would still need to pay for the materials that will be used.

To make sure that you will be able to get the most out of your air conditioning units, it is recommended to get the services of an expert when it comes to AC maintenance.