Common Misconceptions About Air Conditioning That Cost You More Money

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We’ve all heard it – old wives’ tales about air conditioning and sneaky techniques that will help you save money when it comes to using your air conditioner. But not everything everyone believes is true – and we’re here to debunk three common misconceptions about air conditioning, so they don’t have to cost you money anymore.

  1. Lower the temperature on your air conditioner so that it cools the room faster.

This misconception is about as true as how constantly pressing the “down” button on the elevator will make the elevator come down faster.

The truth is, cranking down the temperature of your air conditioner doesn’t lead to faster cooling. Most air conditioning units are supposed to work at a steady, even pace. Eventually, it will stop trying to cool the room once it has reached the ideal temperature you have set on your thermostat, but no matter how high the initial temperature is in your home, it will work at the same rate to eventually reach your desired temperature.

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This is especially true for central air conditioning systems. The only possible exception are certain models of window-type air conditioners that have different levels of cooling available, such as low, medium and high. Obviously, the high setting allows the air conditioning service unit to work harder and ultimately can cool down a room faster than a lower setting.

Naturally, however, using the highest setting on your window-type air conditioner means it’s using up the most energy, so don’t forget to turn it down to a lower setting once you’re happy with the temperature in the room.

  1. Regularly using an air conditioner will cause you and your other family members to catch a cold.

We seem to think that staying in rooms that have a lower temperature leads to us getting sick, often by catching a cold. But this isn’t necessarily because of your air conditioner, or the cold. Just become a room is particularly chilly doesn’t mean you’ll catch a cold. You can, however, catch a cold in an air conditioned room where ventilation is poor or when the air conditioning Sydney needs cleaning, and has been blowing out air that’s been contaminated by different airborne irritants.

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But as long as your air conditioner is in good working condition, you shouldn’t worry about getting a cold if you constantly use it. In fact, state of the art air conditioners not only cool a room, they even clean the air in the room for you!

  1. If you don’t use your air conditioning unit often, you don’t need to have it serviced regularly.

Your air conditioning specialist will often tell you to schedule an air conditioning service session even during the winter season or the cooler months when you don’t use the air conditioner. You might think this is a ploy for them to earn more money from you, but it is actually true that you must schedule regular air conditioning service for your unit.

This is because even while you are not using your air conditioner, it is constantly exposed to the elements. Weather conditions can potentially damage your outdoor unit, while airborne irritants, dust and dirt can clog up your filter.  

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