How to Handle your Air Conditioner Service Needs

There is nothing worse than having your central air con fail in the middle of a heat spell. During the peak cooling season, getting a technician to respond to your air conditioning repair needs can take a couple of days or weeks. Most people cannot handle such discomfort and end up paying a lot for emergency aircon repair services.

You can probably shave off a chunk of air conditioning repair service costs with air conditioner service.

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1. Check Furnace Functions Regularly

In most homes, the furnace is tucked away in the attic, basement, or garage. These are rooms you rarely frequent, and if you do, you often pass the unit without giving it much attention. The furnace performs the bulk of the cooling task, and you want to make sure that it always works as required.

Create a weekly or bi-weekly schedule, depending on the frequency of the AC use, to inspect the furnace.

2. Physical Air conditioning Inspection

A physical check can identify rust and other damage that may affect the unit in the long run. Have a look at the outside condenser/ compressor. It is the component that sounds like your refrigerator. The condenser fan should run as required and if it does not work, try these recommended troubleshooting methods:

  •    Turn the A/C off and the main panel electrical breakers.
  •    Start the air con again and check if the fan is working.
  •    Call an air conditioning Sydney professional because the problem could be the capacitors, relay contactor, or condenser fan motor.

To save on cost and time, you can probably buy these inexpensive parts and have them on hand in case you need them.

3. Listen to How the Furnace Runs

The way a furnace sounds can let you know if the system is running as it should or if there is an internal problem. Power on the unit and have a listen for peculiar noises coming from it. Typical sounds expected from the system include the fan kicking in and humming as you would expect from any fan.

If the unit produces clanking and hissing sounds it signals problems with the fan belt or that the motor needs oiling.

4. Power Supply Issues

If the air con system does not go on for any reason, it could be a problem with several of the unit’s components. Troubleshoot the problem by checking the circuit breaker and resetting it if needed. Have a look at the furnace switch to make sure that it is on, some units have a switch within them or located next to them.

If you rule out the breaker and switch, try lowering the temperature setting. Go for about 5 degrees Fahrenheit reductions below your regular temperature settings. If the problem persists, then it might originate from the ducting system and you need an air conditioner repair Sydney.

Getting regular air conditioning service from a cooling professional is vital. The process can help identify some of the system’s hidden issues and fix them before they lead to breakdowns. A professional can carry out advanced checks on the system, including the duct blaster test to make sure that the pipes are working as required. Getting air con maintenance also contributes towards enhancing the system’s efficiency and overall lifespan.

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