Heating System Maintenance – Prepare For the Coming Winter

Is your home winter ready? Well, don’t worry because we have a breakdown of the heating system maintenance you should undertake to get your home winter ready.

Heating System Maintenance Checklist

Servicing your heating system is crucial in making sure that you have an optimally functioning unit come winter. It doesn’t take much to perform some of the heating system maintenance tasks, but it is sensible to contract a professional to maintain your HVAC unit regularly.

Here are some of the common heating system maintenance tasks that you can do to keep your unit winter ready.

  1. Clean and Change the Filters

In as many times as you have heard it, it is important to reiterate that cleaning and change your HVAC unit’s filters. The filters are akin to the chain that links up all parts of the heating system and keeps them functioning as required.

HVAC units are prone to getting clogged up with debris, dirt, and dust. The result is inefficiency in how the heating system works and this in turn results in higher energy usage.

Therefore, your HVAC filters should be amongst the parts that are regularly serviced to keep your heater running as expected.

  1. Examine the Ducts and Vents

HVAC ducts play a critical role in ensuring that the unit is functioning efficiently. Estimates have it that 20 t0 30% of heat is lost due to poorly connected elements as well as holes and leaks present in heating systems.

Regular examination of your HVAC ducts can help identify leaks and holes, which you should then get fixed to restore efficiency.

The vents are prone to blockage caused by dust and other debris. Therefore, regular heating system maintenance should also include cleaning of the vents.

It is good practice to keep the vents unobstructed, particularly in units that have baseboard systems or radiators. Position your heating system away from furniture or other objects that may obstruct the vents.

  1. Check on the Thermostat

Most homeowners are territorial when it comes to operating their thermostats, and rightly so because it helps to control internal temperatures. Beyond that, thermostat settings play a crucial role in preventing your energy costs from shooting up.

It is best to always keep the thermostat setting at room temperature. During the winter when it gets colder, it is important to try and maintain room temperature settings on your heater. Otherwise, your energy cost rises with every temperature setting that is above room temperature.

  1. Get Professional Services

While you can perform most of the discussed heating system maintenance tasks on your own, it pays off to get professional services for regular tune-ups.

A professional will be able to perform the essential maintenance requirements as well as pick up on any problems with your unit on time. Making sure all parts are working as required and problematic parts replaced on time will ensure that your heating system is winter ready.

Heating system maintenance shouldn’t be something that is disregarded because it helps to avoid problems with your HVAC unit down the line. Performing the simple maintenance tasks discussed above will help keep your heating system winter ready.

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