My Air Conditioning Unit is Not Cooling the Air

What is the worst thing that can happen to your air conditioning unit, given the fact that it is turned on, with thermostat properly set? Yes, your unit does not release cool air. For us whose knowledge is limited to turning on and off of the ACU, it is a serious matter, or so we thought.

An air conditioning unit’s main function is to keep the air cool in a specific area. To ensure that your ACU will give the desired output, remember to get a unit that is appropriate to the size of your room. Additionally, most ACU technicians will advise you to maintain an indoor temperature which is more or less 20 degrees lesser than that of the outside temperature. This will enable your unit to function optimally. This is especially true on an average summer day. For a brand-new unit, this task is a breeze, thereby it is functioning optimally. However, over time, it is not as cool as it should be.

Most of our air conditioner problems are caused by improper care and maintenance. Well, I guess this problem of your ACU not cooling the air can be traced to dirty ACU parts, foremost, the air filter. This is an essential part of your unit, being the sifter of debris and other dirt passing through. These particles may hinder the free flow of cool air from the ACU. So even if you set your control to Cool, your ACU says otherwise. What do you do now? First things first, check the cleanliness of your air filter. Is it clogged? Does it need to be replaced?

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Another option to be checked is the thermostat. Being the temperature regulator of the air produced by your ACU, any problem with this part will affect the temperature of the air that is produced by our unit.  A broken thermostat may lead to the unproductive use of the air conditioning unit. Of course, you would not want your ACU to just break down and stop functioning. And if repairs will not do the trick, replacement of the thermostat is necessary.

An important cooling part of the air conditioning unit is the thermistor. This component senses the air temperature, and if your thermistor does not accurately read the unit’s temperature, then you have no idea if the ACU is working properly. Chances are, it does not cool properly, so it would be wise to check on the unit’s thermistor.

The above problems may be checked by a professional serviceman if you cannot do it yourself. For sure, his knowledge and expertise with ACUs would come in handy. They can surely give you the answers to your air conditioning unit problems and can provide you with insights and tips on how to get the best out of your ACU. After being repaired by your friendly technician, I bet you feel better because at last, you have your air conditioning unit back to its old self.

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