Top Signs That Your Water Heater Needs To Be Repaired

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Normally, most water heaters units have a life expectancy of eight to twelve years. This period may become longer or shorter depending on the units’ frequency in use and the number of regular users. most home owners will enjoy benefits of having a water heater for a long period that most of the time, they won’t notice or know that this home appliance requires repair and replacement too.

Hot water heaters will fail when one needs them the most. That being said if one ensures they check out their heaters for any faults or malfunctioning especially before winter sets in, one will be able to avoid these discomforts by getting the heater fixed and running. So how will you know your heater is faulty and needs to be repaired? Read along to find out more.

Some of the common water heater malfunctions normally include little water, no hot water, a smell of rotten eggs, rust in the water, a muffled or a darting noise, leaks around the heater base, and a grumbling sound. Here are the key signs to look out for when deciding whether or not to do your heater repair. Read these signs below:

  • An irritating noise when the heater is turned on

One hears an annoying noise whenever they turn on the heater which never seems to stop. A water heater that pops, bangs, or whines when turned on can be really annoying; this can be almost frightening when the sound doesn’t seems to stop. In case one hears always these types of noises, it’s may be likely that the heater unit need repairing or replacement. In most cases, the continuous noise can be a mark of mineral accumulation or a forthcoming failure of the whole heating unit. If one encounters this kind of issue constantly, it may be time to consider repairing heater or even replacing it.

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  • Water coming out cold

When water that is coming out of your shower is always cold yet you possess a heating unit in your home, it may be a major indication that your heater is faulty and needs immediate heating repair Melbourne. Usually, before things even escalate to this level, one may begin to notice the water flowing from your shower is not as warm as it used to be or even its heat isn’t lasting as long as it supposed to. Your unit may already be faulty if there is a constant drop in water temperature.

  • Dirty water coming from the shower

Rusty or Brown water coming from your shower that has a metallic taste is a likely indicate a water heater malfunction. To conclude if the buildup is a problem, look out for an increase in deposit or sludge inside the tank and hose or tubes.

  • The smell of rotten eggs

The bacteria in your heater water tank consumes off the residues that create hydrogen gas which in return gets mixed in with the decay of your sacrificial anode. Hence the reason why this smell keeps smelling, one will need a proper heater repairs or a completely new unit installed to their home.

  • Water existing on the floor around the heater tank

The existence of water on the floor around the tank is yet another major sign that your heater needs fixing. There should be no water pooling around your heating unit. Puddles around the tank indicate weathering inside your water tank or some major form of failure in the unit. If you see this, the best course of action is to immediately contact your plumber.

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There are a lot of repair tips that we cannot exhaust all of them in this article. However, prevention has always been better than curing, so whenever one sees any of these alarming signs, it will be advisable to get your heater technician to repair it as early as possible.

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