Local air con repairs – Using the right air filter

One of the most common reasons technicians are called for local air con repairs is reduced cooling efficiency. While there are a few reasons for an AC to reduce its cooling effects, a clogged filter is usually the culprit.

It’s okay to clean dirty and clogged filters; but at times, it’s better replacing than washing them. If this is the case, you need to choose the right filter for your air handler as different air conditioning systems use different types of filters.

Air filters are important for the air conditioner as it prevents dust and allergens from re-circulating in the air you breathe so that you and your family remain healthy. Moreover, the right, clean air filter in your AC unit can reduce allergy symptoms and also improve your home comfort. These are the different types of air filters available and its individual benefits.

HEPA filters

HEPA or High-Efficiency Particulate Air filters are available as standalone units or in commercial HVAC systems. While they effectively remove pollen, dust mite residue, bacteria, pet dander and mould from the airflow, they are not good at capturing smoke and other chemical-related fumes.

UV filters

These filters use the help of ultraviolet rays to kill surrounding allergens. While they do help at removing mould, viruses, bacteria and yeast from the environment, you need a HEPA filter for removing particulates like dust and dander.

Ionic filters

These are standalone filters which do not slide into the AC’s air handler like other filters. They are good for reducing the amount of allergens, irritants, second-hand smoke, chemical fumes and viruses in the air. Ionic filters use the help of negative ions to attract and restrict these harmful particulates but are not effective at removing odours.

Carbon filters

Carbon filters use the help of activated charcoal to trap contaminants like smoke and chemical and pet smells but are not that effective at removing bacteria, viruses or particulates. Instead of just using these filters, it’s better using combination carbon filters using other filtration methods of capturing allergens.

Fiberglass filters

Fibreglass filters have fibreglass layers encased in a metal cage. While they do protect the HVAC system’s efficiency, they provide only basic filtration. You need a different filter to remove airborne contaminants.

Pleated air filters

These disposable filters are made of polyester and come in between fibreglass and HEPA filters in terms of efficiency. They effectively filter allergens and particulates in the HVAC systems. Its high-efficiency versions with a high MERV rating are a step better than regular pleated air filters.

Washable filters

Some think they save money buying washable instead of disposable filters. The disadvantage is that cloth fibres cannot capture fine particulates. They are best used in industrial applications for removing larger particulates from the environment.

Importance of air quality in local air con repairs

It’s better to use a combination of standalone and a high-quality HVAC filter for maximum protection of your home from allergens, dust and germ reduction capabilities. If your local air conditioning experts include changing your air filter, it’s better to do so using the help and advice of your AC technician!

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