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Common Air Conditioning Problems and How They Can Be Fixed

I lived my whole life with the comfort of air conditioners. Growing up, it was mostly a window unit, but we shifted to split air conditioners and I have had central air conditioners at work. They all had one thing in common… they had to be serviced every so often by professionals.

It’s not always the unit’s fault either. There are things you can do to keep your air conditioners running smoothly. Here are some common air conditioning problems and how you can deal with them.


This is especially the case with air conditioners that have outdoor units on ground level. Sometimes, a lot of debris and fuzz can get caught up in its coils. It can affect your air conditioner’s performance. If it’s really bad, you can brush out most of it.

Otherwise, just use a hose in an angle to clean it up. If you are using a brush, just be careful not to damage the coils. I would recommend against using chemical cleaners as they tend to eat up the coils.


Air conditioner services get calls for this quite often, especially during times when the weather heats up. If your outdoor unit is nonresponsive, it can be an electrical issue. Head on over to your breaker box and make sure the breaker is not tripped.

If you are unsure, you can turn it all the way off and turn it all the way back on so you can be sure the breaker for the air conditioning is on. Another thing you can do is check the fan on the inside unit. This is what blows the cold and hot air. So, you better make sure the cord is plugged in.


Simply check your filters. They need to be cleaned or replaced and a lot of people don’t do them. Cleaning filters are easy as all you need to do is vacuum it and make sure it’s clean. It’s very common for filters to get messy with dust and hair.

Your unit can’t even breathe with all that blocking the filter. So, make sure to keep your filter clean or change them. Since it has to be cleaned or replaced at least every month, make sure you know where your air filter is. It can be in the furnace or the return air vent.


Check your thermostat and make sure it’s batteries have charge. Not surprisingly, a lot of people don’t even know their thermostat uses batteries. In most cases, you can pop it out from the wall with the notch on the top.

If your thermostat is hardwired, then they don’t need batteries but so many people call air conditioner repair services to get their air conditioner serviced only to realize all they had to do was check their batteries. You can also make sure if your thermostat is set to cool and not heat.


Your air conditioning not cooling? There are some things we do that cause problem with our air conditioners. It’s not always a problem with the units themselves.

  • Make sure the outdoor unit has proper air flow with no obstructions. Keep its top clear as well. A lot of people cover it over the winter and forget to remove it.
  • Closing off unused room doors and vents to save energy can create a negative pocket of pressure and affect your unit.
  • Keep your supply and return air vets clear from any obstructions.
  • Overuse during harsh weather conditions.

So, there you have it; you can usually deal with most problems yourself or prevent it. However, if you can’t figure out what’s going on, just get in touch with professional air conditioning experts to get your unit looked at and repaired.

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With the rise of the temperature and the global warming effects, the summers days get easily intolerable … but great solutions are waiting for you. Long gone are the times when hanging out in the house on a hot and humid summer day was a torture and the times you were opening every window to try to get the cool air in. That you are looking at the healthy reasons linked to the air conditioning at home or just the perfect comfort that it offers all year long, setting up the right air conditioning system that fits your lifestyle and your needs is the right home improvement for you and your family.

Air conditioning: the healthy option

Let’s face all the stereotypes you heard over years and look at the facts.

Open your internet browser and search for air conditioning and you will see that it does not have the best reputation and you can find some negative and even scary articles and facts about air conditioning. However, mostly unfounded or totally misinterpreted.

Air conditioning, asthma and other respiratory conditions

Asthma and other similar conditions are the cause of a very uncomfortable and sometimes life-threatening existence. One of the main solutions, to prevent the symptoms, is to have and maintain a clean air free from dust, pollen and pollutants, which is what your air conditioning system keeps doing regularly.

Maintaining a consistent temperature is good for health

Most people do not realize the effect on their health of being too hot or too cold, and the regular switch between temperatures can create fatigue and reduce the immune system. Air conditioning which is keeping your body temperature and environment at a consistent level is a good way to recover and refill your energy levels. Some more serious troubles can also be prevented with the air conditioning such as heatstroke and heat exhaustion.air conditioner service


Cleaning the air and removing contaminants

Your air conditioning is removing the smells and odours as well as the fumes of the house. All these things influence your general health and well-being and it is a real plus not to have these stagnant pollutants and smells staying in your home.

Regulating humidity levels in your home

We highlighted the temperature impact on your health, but it goes along with the humidity level of the air. The right balance – not too low and not too high – is the best way to avoid bacteria growth and will also influence your skin and sinuses.

Your air conditioning will create a steady and healthy humidity level at the right temperature.

Modern technology for the best-fit Comfort and relaxation, these are the main benefits that your air conditioning system will bring to your home.

The new systems are almost silent and the comfort you will gain against the heat will feel like a totally normal environment.

The efficiency in terms of energy consumption, cooling system, size and design – that get perfectly integrated in your interior – as well as the easiness on installation, use and control make the new generation of air conditioner much more than gadget but an integrated home equipment that help you reduce stress and increase your house comfort.

When looking at the right air conditioning set up, don’t hesitate to ask for professional advice and set up the suited system that will fit your home and lifestyle.