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Residential and Commercial Ducted Heater Systems: What are the Differences?

The heating and cooling unit set up for the businesses and residences are completely different. While in the business setup one has to take care of the needs of a large number of people, in the house, there are just a few people. The operational system of the ducted heaters for both commercial and residential is the same. However, there are still a lot of differences. Therefore, the professionals for residential may not be able to take care of the commercial heater service. The three primary differences between the two are listed here.

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The difference in the location

This is something you may have seen but it may not have registered in your mind. When you will see the commercial heater system setup, you will also observe that it is usually set up on the roof of the establishment or building. On the other hand, the residential ducted heater systems are outside the home and not on the roof.

There are many reasons why commercial systems are installed on the roof. First of all, in the commercial setup, you hardly need to use the roof. Therefore, the available space is utilized and the space in the building is saved. Also, the large commercial ducted heating systems make a lot of noise. But when it is on the roof, there is no noise pollution. Also, if you are looking for heating repairs, it will not interrupt or disturb the daily operations.

Commercial ducted heaters are packaged and residential are split

If you are installing the commercial heater service, you will notice that all the components of it are put together in one cabinet on the rooftop. The evaporator, condenser, blower, compressor, drainage system, and fan are all within the same housing. The whole unit is then coupled with the ventilation system. You will only see the zone dampers and ducts inside the buildings. This is what we refer to as a packaged heating system. On the other hand, if you would look at the residential setup, you will find that the system and pumps are split. There is a cabinet outside which is for compressor, condenser, and fan. The indoor unit will house the blower, evaporator, and condensate drainage. Of course, you may see some exceptions but they are very rare.

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Commercial systems are expandable

The residential heating systems are installed in the form of a single unit. This is why they are not expandable. If you need more heating then you will need to replace it with a completely new system. So, you need to buy the heating system keeping the current and future needs in mind. But this is not the case with the commercial heater systems. Commercial heating systems are modular and can be expanded whenever there is more need.

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My Air Conditioning Unit is Not Cooling the Air

What is the worst thing that can happen to your air conditioning unit, given the fact that it is turned on, with thermostat properly set? Yes, your unit does not release cool air. For us whose knowledge is limited to turning on and off of the ACU, it is a serious matter, or so we thought.

An air conditioning unit’s main function is to keep the air cool in a specific area. To ensure that your ACU will give the desired output, remember to get a unit that is appropriate to the size of your room. Additionally, most ACU technicians will advise you to maintain an indoor temperature which is more or less 20 degrees lesser than that of the outside temperature. This will enable your unit to function optimally. This is especially true on an average summer day. For a brand-new unit, this task is a breeze, thereby it is functioning optimally. However, over time, it is not as cool as it should be.

Most of our air conditioner problems are caused by improper care and maintenance. Well, I guess this problem of your ACU not cooling the air can be traced to dirty ACU parts, foremost, the air filter. This is an essential part of your unit, being the sifter of debris and other dirt passing through. These particles may hinder the free flow of cool air from the ACU. So even if you set your control to Cool, your ACU says otherwise. What do you do now? First things first, check the cleanliness of your air filter. Is it clogged? Does it need to be replaced?

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Another option to be checked is the thermostat. Being the temperature regulator of the air produced by your ACU, any problem with this part will affect the temperature of the air that is produced by our unit.  A broken thermostat may lead to the unproductive use of the air conditioning unit. Of course, you would not want your ACU to just break down and stop functioning. And if repairs will not do the trick, replacement of the thermostat is necessary.

An important cooling part of the air conditioning unit is the thermistor. This component senses the air temperature, and if your thermistor does not accurately read the unit’s temperature, then you have no idea if the ACU is working properly. Chances are, it does not cool properly, so it would be wise to check on the unit’s thermistor.

The above problems may be checked by a professional serviceman if you cannot do it yourself. For sure, his knowledge and expertise with ACUs would come in handy. They can surely give you the answers to your air conditioning unit problems and can provide you with insights and tips on how to get the best out of your ACU. After being repaired by your friendly technician, I bet you feel better because at last, you have your air conditioning unit back to its old self.

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What Should You Know About Electrician Work Schedule

Before deciding to become an electrician, it is essential to know how much time you will work every day. Understanding the work schedule will help you understand the intensity and demand of this profession. Keep reading to find the answer and learn some important factors that determine the working hours of a professional electrical contractor.

How Much Time Does An Electrician Work?

In most cases, an electrician works typically 8 hours per day, starting from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Some professionals can start earlier at 6, 7, or 8 a.m. This adds up to between 1800 and 2080 hours. On many electrical repair projects, they can work overtime, meaning that the number might increase.

To keep it simple, the standard working hours of an electrical contractor are relatively similar to other professions. Nevertheless, there are many variables that might increase or decrease this estimate.

Which Factors Determine The Working Hours of An Electrician?

1. The Working Site

Electricians normally work in different locations. Some people work for a particular company or hospital and have a fix daily schedule, the others might go to different working sites, so their hours would be slightly different from project to project.

2. Your Living Area

In some areas, electricians might need to work more than the average simply because there is too much work. There are a few things that determine the opportunity for electrical work such as geographic location and economic strength. That’s also the main reason why many professionals must travel long distances to work, thus increasing overtime hours.

3. Open Shop Versus Union Electrician

The most important benefit of being a union member is that you are warrantied to work 8 hours per day, and any overtime should be paid at a typically higher rate than usual. However, working as an open shop electrician can give you a more flexible schedule so you can work overtime to get more money or finish the work early to come home. In either case, the average number is typically 40 hours each week.

4. Working Hours of Trainees

Basically, a trainee electrical contractor also works 8 hours per day as other qualified professionals. However, they should take extra hours attending classes, which depends on the regulations of different states. For some programs, there is often a day for theoretical lessons each week.

5. Other Factors

There are several other factors which can increase or decrease the number of hours that a professional electrician should work each day. These include:

– Repairing and maintaining tasks: Even though most tasks are typically performed during the normal business hours, a few maintenance tasks need to be done when buildings are closed.

– Weather conditions: It is quite common for extreme weather to make working hours of electricians unpredictable. In projects that require you to work outside, your tasks might be delayed due to weather conditions such as rain or snow.

– Emergencies: Just like any other businesses, there will be times when a system crashes and requires an expert to fix the issue immediately. These cases can happen unexpectedly during midnight or your shift.

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Things to Consider When Selecting an Air Conditioning Repair Company

When you are looking for an air conditioning repair company, it is better to spend time researching the air conditioning companies and not just selecting one of the telephone directories, but you think it is a reliable company to deal with. But how to choose a good heating and cooling company? Continue reading the article to understand the criteria used to evaluate companies so that they can systematically address the choice of the best company.


Surely you want to make sure that the company you decide to work with is licensed. Make sure your license is also valid. It is a good idea to make sure there are no complaints or disciplinary actions against the company. You can consult your licensing research contractor by visiting contractor-license.org.


When shopping for an air conditioning repair company, it is certainly worth checking if the company is insured. You’ll want to make sure you have liability insurance to protect your property in case something goes wrong, as well as compensation for the employee if one of your employees suffers at work in your home.


Over the years, heating and cooling systems have become increasingly complex. It is a good idea to make sure that the air repair company benefits from all the certificates and training needed to work with the latest models.

Positive Referrals

It is also a good idea to review the company’s recommendations. Any air conditioning repair company can give you a solid list of recommendations so you can verify the quality of the work they do. If it cannot offer many links, you should continue looking elsewhere. You can also check the Better Business Office to find out what claims they have against them and whether they have resolved them correctly or not.

Easy to Get in Reach

You will also want to make sure that the HVAC companies you are thinking of have a stable track record. Make sure they work for a long time in the same city and that you have a physical address you can find, not just a cell phone number. Above all, if they are easily accessible by phone and are also available during the Emergency Service.

Convenient to deal with

Finally, you must trust your intuition. Make sure that the people you work with make you feel comfortable. You want to choose a company to repair the air conditioners you enjoy working for many years. Save time to start the investigation again. Establishing a good relationship with an air conditioning repair company that will delight you in the coming years should be your ultimate goal.


A company that has the capacity to offer quality services offers many services. The company can respond to all needs, including air conditioning, maintenance, and repair of the system. A company that can offer many services can be considered reliable. They will be able to notify when it is very useful to make repairs and when it is time to install a new system. The company also provides maintenance, which is important to ensure efficient and trouble-free operation of the system.

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Proper Heater Service Correct 5 Common Heating Mistakes

It’s essential you keep your home warm and cozy during the cold winter months. Unfortunately, no matter how good your heating system may be, some mistakes only lead to your heater consuming more electricity, and your spending more on utility bills.

Here are the common heating mistakes most people follow, which professional heater service technician has pinpointed and rectified for you.

1. Mistake #1: Increasing the thermostat temperature warms your home faster.

False. Increasing the thermostat’s temperature does not quicken the heating process but instead leads to your heater running longer. This is because the thermostat is fixed at a threshold indoor temperature and the system automatically switches off once the temperature is reached.

So if you set the temperature higher than your indoor temperature, you usually feel uncomfortable and only end up reducing it. You thus eventually waste energy because of your increased temperature setting.

2. Mistake #2: Anyone can install a thermostat.

False. Of course, it is true that there are various projects and devices that come with instructions for a straightforward installation. So it’s natural that you think that you can also install a thermostat on your own, without the help of professional heating service.

If you do this, you will most probably end up like other homeowners, installing thermostats without following the norms about the overall effects of replacing thermostats without any knowledge or experience.

For example, the thermostat you fit should be compatible with your heating system. This is why its better and important that you have professionals accompany you, and help you choose the right thermostat for your system. You can then schedule an appointment to have them properly install and test the thermostat for you, after installing it.

3. Mistake #3: Keeping curtains open help reduce heating costs.

This is partly true as it’s not enough to just open the curtains. It’s also important that your windows are clean. Not much sunlight will enter your home if you have a dirty and grimy window because the dirt acts as a filter and reduces the amount of sunlight entering your home.

4. Mistake #4: New windows help maintain and retain heat better.

False. While old windows do generally lead to warm air escaping from your home, it’s not necessary that buying new windows rectifies the problem. There are other things you can do to keep the warm air inside.

For example, you can check and ensure all insulation around your water heater, pipes and ducts are proper. Installing weather stripping also increases the energy efficiency of your home to reduce your heating and utility costs.

5. Mistake #5: Ceiling fans are meant only for summer use

False. Heater service experts suggest you use your fans even in the heating season, as long as you set the fan to turn in the clockwise direction. This way the fan ends up pulling the warm air that’s near your ceiling down. This makes you feel warm and comfortable on cold, chilly days, without working your heater over time.

You see, with expert heating service correcting these common heating mistakes, you now know how the correct way to keep your home warm and cozy during the cold winter months.