Residential and Commercial Ducted Heater Systems: What are the Differences?

The heating and cooling unit set up for the businesses and residences are completely different. While in the business setup one has to take care of the needs of a large number of people, in the house, there are just a few people. The operational system of the ducted heaters for both commercial and residential is the same. However, there are still a lot of differences. Therefore, the professionals for residential may not be able to take care of the commercial heater service. The three primary differences between the two are listed here.

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The difference in the location

This is something you may have seen but it may not have registered in your mind. When you will see the commercial heater system setup, you will also observe that it is usually set up on the roof of the establishment or building. On the other hand, the residential ducted heater systems are outside the home and not on the roof.

There are many reasons why commercial systems are installed on the roof. First of all, in the commercial setup, you hardly need to use the roof. Therefore, the available space is utilized and the space in the building is saved. Also, the large commercial ducted heating systems make a lot of noise. But when it is on the roof, there is no noise pollution. Also, if you are looking for heating repairs, it will not interrupt or disturb the daily operations.

Commercial ducted heaters are packaged and residential are split

If you are installing the commercial heater service, you will notice that all the components of it are put together in one cabinet on the rooftop. The evaporator, condenser, blower, compressor, drainage system, and fan are all within the same housing. The whole unit is then coupled with the ventilation system. You will only see the zone dampers and ducts inside the buildings. This is what we refer to as a packaged heating system. On the other hand, if you would look at the residential setup, you will find that the system and pumps are split. There is a cabinet outside which is for compressor, condenser, and fan. The indoor unit will house the blower, evaporator, and condensate drainage. Of course, you may see some exceptions but they are very rare.

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Commercial systems are expandable

The residential heating systems are installed in the form of a single unit. This is why they are not expandable. If you need more heating then you will need to replace it with a completely new system. So, you need to buy the heating system keeping the current and future needs in mind. But this is not the case with the commercial heater systems. Commercial heating systems are modular and can be expanded whenever there is more need.

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